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Who we are

KERBspace is an trailblazing Electric Vehicle charging solutions startup located in Bozeman, Montana. We are a small yet nimble team of innovators and changemakers dedicated to advancing sustainable transportation. Founded in 2013, KERBspace has developed and tested unique solutions to modern mobility challenges from smart parking to interactive-wayfinding, getting to the root of our main passion: experience-focused Electric Vehicle charging. We know that the economic, environmental and social health of communities are interconnected which is why we take a broad approach to Electric Vehicle charging, local economic development, walkability, and education.

We believe transportation of the 21st century will leave behind fossil fuels and better meet the needs of people, planet, and future generations. In November 2016, we joined hundreds of other businesses in supporting the Paris Climate Agreement and a low-carbon future for the United States.

Bill Clem

Co-Founder & CEO

Meet Bill, chief visionary and cheerleader. Bill’s forte lies in championing and designing user-driven everything – from products to services and technologies. As an Industrial Designer, Bill has developed hundreds of products, services, and technologies for consumer, transportation, medical and industrial applications. His work spans designs for Fortune 500 companies like Volvo, Yamaha, Nike, Johnson & Johnson, Intel and Philips as well as a myriad of start-up organizations around the world. His intellectual property contributions are equally impressive and wide-ranging, from trade secret business models and processes to utility patents in areas as diverse as children’s shoes and robotic surgical systems. He lives to see people smile.

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