Our Story

KERB was founded by Bill Clem. As an industrial designer, I’ve been lucky to help design transportation from cars and motorcycles to bicycles. After several decades of industrial design and experience as a small business owner, I’ve become increasingly interested in the transition between the journey and the destination. Specifically, I am interested in how people make decisions about mobility and where and how they will spend time within their communities.

The point in each community that connects neighbors, strangers, and visitors along these journeys is always the sidewalk. While considering these interactions, I began thinking more about how Electric Vehicles would shape our cities. I wanted to change the way people entered onto the sidewalk from their own modes of transportation, in this case, the Electric Vehicle. In 2013 I first conceptualized a system to engage people at this point of entry and demoed it on the sidewalk in Pioneer Square, Seattle. Using information about the hyperlocal area including, transit, events, and information on small business on a digital screen the first KERB Hub brought community resources to pedestrians on the sidewalk.

Through experimentation, KERB has grown and adapted with a beta phase in my hometown of Bozeman, Montana the summer of 2016. Bringing more people onboard and more ideas in the mix, the goal remains the same: to help build connections in the community directly on the sidewalk.

-Bill Clem, CEO & Co-Founder


Our Mission

As the urbanized population continues to grow, we believe that cities should work for everyone. To us, this means equal opportunity, environmental conservation, clean energy, transparent government, and engagement on the streets. Coming from diverse experience our team is driven by strong values and a commitment to building community, innovative sustainability and finding solutions to urban problems.

Meet the Team

Bill Clem

Co-Founder & CEO

Meet Bill, chief visionary and cheerleader. Bill’s forte lies in championing and designing user-driven everything – from products to services and technologies. As an Industrial Designer, Bill has developed hundreds of products, services, and technologies for consumer, transportation, medical and industrial applications. His work spans designs for Fortune 500 companies like Volvo, Yamaha, Nike, Johnson & Johnson, Intel and Philips as well as a myriad of start-up organizations around the world. His intellectual property contributions are equally impressive and wide-ranging, from trade secret business models and processes to utility patents in areas as diverse as children’s shoes and robotic surgical systems. He lives to see people smile.


Lila Fleishman

Partner Development Manager

Lila is most interested in the connections between people and the built and natural environments. With a degree in Human Geography, Urban Planning and Sustainability from the University of North Carolina, Lila has recent experience working as Logistics Lead for a glacier guiding company in Alaska and interning at The National Geographic Society in Washington, DC. She is passionate about getting people walking and biking in their communities and exploring the outdoors.


Meet the Team of Advisors

Anthony Cochenour, System Security Architecture

Brandon Johnson, Software and System Architecture

Dick Haney, Regulatory and Product Development

Eva Skidmore, Marketing and Strategy

Jay Wilkins, Product Development

Leif Summerfield, Hardware Architecture

Mike Reilly, Marketing and Business Strategy

Paul Garner, Operations and Business Strategy

Wendy Westfall, Business Development