Connect What’s Happening Now

Real-time content reflected by the community and city gives pedestrians local event information, neighborhood updates, and alerts.


Promote Neighborhood Discovery

Users can search by category, location and time to find what each neighborhood has to offer, allowing everyone to navigate the experiences that matter to them nearby.


Enable Informed Mobility Decisions

Present real-time directions by foot, bike, or available transit options in the community. Collect and display mobility data for urban planning initiatives and to aid on-street mode choice.

Meet KERB Hub

The digital wayfinding system that uses interactive maps and real-time community data streams to help pedestrians discover local happenings in real time, right where they are.

Community Oriented

With hyperlocal, community created content small businesses have equal opportunities to reach local audiences. Break down the digital divide, allowing all backgrounds and ages to access the same content and navigation tools regardless of personal technologies.

Zero Footprint Design

Every KERB Hub faces the sidewalk and leverages a modular design that quickly integrates into your city's existing infrastructure system. A flexible, secure, cloud-based system allows for seamless integration with current and future data sources.

Scalable Platform

Expand the services you offer on the street with optional Level 2 Electric Vehicle chargers, Public Wi-Fi Hotspot, live language translation, environmental monitors, emergency features, and more.