KERB Connect

Celebrate your community, get local information right from the source with the KERB Connect, KC. The unique on-street civic communications platform offers interactive local directories, live events, walking directions and much more right on the sidewalk so discovering your community has never been easier! With easy to customize, human-scaled modular options from Electric Vehicle charging to public WiFi, KC moves everyone forward together however you choose.

Vibrant Local Economy

Interactive directories of local businesses, customized profiles, and live events right from the source, celebrates what makes each community unique. Our people-first approach shows content from the people you see in your community every day, not ad agencies.

Healthy Sustainable Community

Walking, biking and transit directions connect people to their city while on-street electric vehicle charging and education help inform users of new options and the impacts their choices have on the local environment. 

Engaged Connected People

Discovering something new is what we are all about! With info direct from local businesses, nonprofits and your local government combined with interactive surveys create a two-way street between the people on the sidewalk and community leaders.  

Want KC in your community? Email us at to learn more.